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Suzanne was born in Massachusetts, but grew up on the east coast of Canada on the celtic island of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia where making music is as they say, " in the blood." Her love of people led her to a career in social work, but it was her love of singing that pulled her away from her island home to a life of road tours across the American Midwest-her first true musical journey where she thought she was a little closer to Heaven- getting paid to sing! Thousands of miles and hundreds of performances gave her the chance to hone her talents. Suzanne has recorded 4 original full length albums. She has been likened to the pop and rock roots of Sheryl Crowe with warm vocal undertones reminiscent of a sultry Peggy Lee. Her soulful singing, roots-rock songwriting, and warm onstage charisma has made her a favorite performer in the Boston area.

The Boston Globe

"Local Singer Songwriter Suzanne McNeil perfectly captures the love and frustration Bostonians have with their city in her song Lost in Boston."

The Boston Herald- Nate Dow

"Reminiscent of Kathleen Edwards, McNeil's poignant stories are sung in a strong and affecting voice, with enough hooks to catch the ear."

The Patriot Ledger-Jay Miller

" A versatility that is unmatched as jazz, country, and pop are all within her range.  McNeil's rendition of Bend was a pulse pounding vocal catharsis with stunning sustain's, that really raised goose bumps and to hear her cut loose with such unbridled passion while maintaining such perfect tone, is frankly breathtaking."

The Metronome-Douglas Sloane

"She's funky and upbeat as she exudes more than a hint of country underpinnings in her songwriting."

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